Saturday, September 7, 2013

50 Facts About Me!

I'm going to kick off my new blog with a post that will hopefully help you get to know me a little bit.

Ok, so lets get started!

1. My full name is Aimee Rose Parker.
2. I am currently studying my GCSE's at Secondary School.
3. My favorite colour is pink.
4. I speak fluent (ish) German.
5. I have 10 cats.
6. I am 5"2.
7. My feet are a size 3.
8. I don't like wearing trousers.
9. I bruise like a peach.
9. I have never been to a funeral.
10. I am secretly a very messy person.
11. Fruit Loops are my favorite cereal.
12. I am scared of Moths.
13. Cornwall is one of my favorite places to visit.
14. My favorite food is Philadelphia on cream crackers.
15. I can't apply false eye lashes to save my life.
16. Daises are my favorite flowers.
17. I cannot cook at all.
18. I am terrible for not replying to messages.
19. I have extremely thin hair.
20. Marley and Me makes me cry every time I watch it.
21. I hate mash potato.
22. I like to dance around Ikea when its really late and no ones in there.
23. I LOVE Glee
24. I have a lot of candles.
25. I once set my curtains on fire with a candle.
26. My best friend is currently going out with my brother.
27. I get cold very easily.
28. I always have my nails painted.
29. I am obsessed with reading.
30. I am currently reading Marley & Me
31. I am predicted mostly A's in my GCSE's.
32. When I am older I want to be a primary school teacher.
33. I am in my last year of school.
34. I do regular yoga glasses with my Mum.
35. I have a tortoise and his name is Trevor.
36. I am obsessed with Cath Kidston.
37. My dream is to go to America and meet Bethany Mota.
38. My favourite bands are Imagine Dragons and The Pigeon Detectives.
39. I have a lot of teddy bears that I can't get rid of.
40. I think that Pitch Perfect is the best film ever created.
41. I own a lot of make up/ beauty products.
42. I go shopping a lot.
43. I always buy things and then never use them.
44. I have a little brother and he is very annoying.
45. I have braces.
46. I like wearing things with crazy prints on them.
47. My favorite shop is Topshop
48. I can never finish a drink.
49. My first word was Po out of the Teletubbies.
50. I am scared of the dark and have to sleep with a night light.

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